Nano-CBD Broad Spectrum Soothing Balm 500mg


The Nano-CBD Broad Spectrum Soothing Balm was created using Certified Pure Nano-CBD and natural camphor, offering fast pain relief for muscles and joints. Applied topically whenever needed to relieve pain and inflammation, our Nano-CBD Broad Spectrum Balm combines camphor with the natural goodness of Nano-CBD in a convenient portable size so it’s always within reach!

500 milligrams of Nano-CBD Broad Spectrum has a bio-equivalency of 3000 mg

• Apply directly to the skin, day or night as needed
• Formulated with care: no animal testing, no GMOs, no gluten, and no allergens
• Created and produced in the USA
• Avoid contact with eyes and wash hands after applying

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Our Nano-CBD Broad Spectrum Balm is formulated to offer you all the benefits of natural Nano-CBD without the wait. Nano-sized particles of CBD are absorbed into the skin faster, deeper, and more efficiently.

With Nano, less is more! Our 500-milligram Nano-CBD Broad Spectrum Balm is the bio-equivalent to 3000 milligrams of conventional-sized CBD products. This means that you will use less balm and feel results faster. Made with organic moisturizers, our Balm hydrates skin too. Nano-CBD not only helps to relieve pain and inflammation, it also reduces stress and anxiety – try rubbing some balm into sore tired feet at the end of a long day for a good night’s sleep!


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