At NanoBiologics, we’re obsessed with a BIG idea:

That human creativity can tap the emerging science of nutrient nanotechnology to unleash the full power of CBD.

Founded by Organic Chemist, Randy Haskin, the NanoBiologics team has been perfecting a proprietary process rooted in scientific discipline and rigorous
testing that fractures CBD into nano particles to make them more bioavailable, soluble and effective. Randy’s commitment to revolutionizing the
science of Nano-CBD has become our promise to take CBD into a remarkable new future of therapeutic potential designed to help you live
your best life.

Nano-CBD Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

The Small Things

NanoBiologics is the innovative leader in Nutrient Nanotechnology specializing in Hemp and founded on the principle that “Not All Nano is Created Equal.” The graphs and videos below compare NanoBiologics Nano-CBD solution to one of the Nation’s leading suppliers.

Nano Technology

Nanotechnology – The study and application of molecular compounds with a size tolerance of less than one micron.

A micron is too small to see with the human eye. Pull a single strand of hair from your head and look at the tip. The average diameter of a human hair is about 50 microns. A single micron is far too small to see without a powerful microscope. That 50-micron hair is equal to 50,000 nanometers. A single micron is 1000 nanometers. A single nanometer is almost too small to even imagine. Though virtually invisible, NanoBiologics has developed technology to produce water encapsulated Nano ingredients thus rendering 100% bio-availability on cellular uptake.

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The NanoBiologics Research Difference

Following exhaustive research with a team of Ph.D. chemists, compounding pharmacists, and medical doctors, NanoBiologics has developed compelling technology based on validated science that represents a paradigm shift in ingredient delivery systems. Furthermore, NanoBiologics is the first company to offer certified validation of Nanosize and concentration. In so doing NanoBiologics has positioned itself at the forefront of Nano innovation and the corresponding implications for commercial applications.

What Makes us Different?

  • Average increased cellular uptake – up to 6 times more ABSORPTION
  • Average time to effect – up to 6 times FASTER
  • Average side effects – up to 6 times LESS side effects
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The “NO’s”

  • No odor
  • No taste
  • No pesticides
  • No biologicals (mold, mildew and bacterial growth)
  • Kinetically and thermally stable at ambient (room temperature)
  • Elongated shelf life — two years with proper storage